商 号 Company name ソーエイドー株式会社SOOEIDO Co., Ltd.
創 業 Founded 平成5年1月January 1993
設 立 Established 平成7年5月May 1995
資本金 Capital 3,500,000円¥3,500,000
事業内容 Business activities 35COFFEE・35COLLAGEN COFFEE・Herb tea の製造・販売Manufacturing and sales of 35COFFEE, 35COLLAGEN COFFEE and herb tea
役員Director 代表取締役 大城宗貞Munesada Oshiro, Representative Director
Head office
沖縄県島尻郡八重瀬町字玻名城1123番地1ヤエセヒルズ103 MAP 103 Yaese Hills, 1123-1 Hanagusuku, Yaese-cho, Shimajiri-gun, Okinawa Prefecture, 901-0513 MAP
TEL 098-840-7885
FAX 098-998-0716
通話料無料 Toll free number 0120-70-8930


自己実現の道 共存共栄の道 未来開拓の道

代表取締役 大城宗貞

Pursuing the realization of a dream.
For us, “The way”, or the pursuit that drives us is the set of moral principles,
beliefs and ethics serve as our guide us as professionals.
Striving for co-existence and prosperity is our policy of pursuing
the harmonious development of nature and human society.
“Targeting development of future dreams” means aiming to be a company
that contributes to our society for the betterment of future generations.
Our company name embodies our beliefs.
Which for us means to exist with all of one’s might and abilities.
Our company spirit is built on the concept of endeavoring for advancement of our mission.
We define our “Spirit” as the encompassing principles, ideals, conviction and soul
that make up our focus on realization of eco & future friendly solutions for the modern lifestyle.

It is the core of the way we run out business.
We thank you for visiting the SOOEIDO Co. Ltd. website and
wish to extend our special thanks for your continued patronage.
Since its foundation in 1993,
our company has been doing business by taking
“Okinawa’s tourism and longevity” as its key concept.
Over the past few decades,
we have witnessed startling changes in the natural environment.
As we were thinking about what we could do for Okinawa as a company,
we developed 35COFFEE, which is roasted over Okinawan coral.
We also use a portion of the company’s turnover for transplanting “baby coral,”
an act that benefits Okinawa’s coral reefs, which are facing devastation.
This has enabled us to be the kind of company that we wish to be,
making a contribution, however modest,
to both the future of Okinawa and our children.
To that end, each of our employees takes the spirit of caring
for the environment seriously and stays attentive to improving the quality of our work.
As an ever-evolving Okinawa Island-based enterprise,
SOOEIDO intends to keep taking on new challenges,
and we are very grateful for all the kind understanding and support that we receive.

Munesada Oshiro, Representative Director

A portion of the proceeds fromthis 35COFFEE will be donatedto coral support activitiies.